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Arul Lightwind

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PostSubject: Unicorn Grove Objctive   Unicorn Grove Objctive Icon_minitimeTue Mar 29, 2016 1:22 pm

We are a new sort of Unicorn Community being driven by Slack's Instant Messaging services. This service is invite only, able to run on Iphone, Andriod, Windows, MAC, Linux, and web all natively. Since we monitor 24/7 communications and on a secure https system we can ensure any issues are resolved swiftly. That makes us stronger as a community. We are continuing the objective that Unicorn Grove once stood for with a more secure way of watching the community. This won't be abandoned till Tispir, Ko'onthra, Carothion, Ajashara, and I are dead for we are the admins and ownership of this project. This is not a board system but a live discussion system that can run on any platform.

We have a community ARK server, password protected and deity by none other then Tispir whom is real, is kin, is my herd lead, and be'loved by the 'odd' herd. We will have a site up soon so don't worry, I own the url unicorngrove.com and going to build a social media system for this IM so that we can share with the community, friends, family, or publicly. We are also rather active on the front of human affairs unlike another community I could mention we are not affraid to stand up and be heard on community affecting subjects such as Network Neutrality and other subjects that could undermine our community. We are growing in numbers and objectives each and everyday so please give us a shout as we are building this network to be one of the most dedicated unicorn communities on the planet Terra.  

Email kirinfire@yandex.org or tispirthedragon@gmail.com to request an invite. With the Title "UGO invite request".
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Unicorn Grove Objctive
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