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 Rules of the Forum

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PostSubject: Rules of the Forum   Rules of the Forum Icon_minitimeFri Jun 20, 2008 8:05 pm

1) Be Polite.

Yes, you may have an opinion that differs from others on this forum. That doesn't mean the other person is wrong. Listen to everyone, and comment on your differences, but be polite about it.

2) Be Active.

Yes, life gets in the way. No one will be removed from this forum for having a life outside of the internet. However, please try to stay involved. The more ideas and opinions that are expressed on the forum, the better. We are all searching for something, and we are all here to help each other.

3) Be Proactive.

For this forum to grow, we need to reach out. It is important for us to find others out there. So recruit. There are currently two sections of this forum. One is open to anyone who wants to talk about being a unicorn. That way, all people who are curious about whether or not they might be a unicorn can talk, ask questions, and be a part of a community. The other one is the journals. This is private so those who are sure of their kinship can be open and honest, and talk about things they may not want to share with the general public. So bring anyone you want. If they find they don't belong here, at least they will know.

[Edit: Membership is a two step process. The first step, is by joining and telling us about yourself. The second step is a poll by current members of the forum. As soon as someone gets a vote from a simple majority (50% or more) of the current members, you will have access to the rest of the site for otherkins or unicorns.]

If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail me at unicorngrove@rocketmail.com

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Rules of the Forum
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