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 Rules on being otherkin (courtesy of Leth)

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Rules on being otherkin (courtesy of Leth) Empty
PostSubject: Rules on being otherkin (courtesy of Leth)   Rules on being otherkin (courtesy of Leth) Icon_minitimeFri Jun 20, 2008 7:47 pm

On being Otherkin:

1. Life will never be fair or easy all the time, but if we only look for times when we have been hard done by, that is all we will see.
2. People may often judge you, become angry or frightened because they do not fully understand you. Accept this, but remember that your reaction towards them also counts.
3. If you only ponder on how different you are to other people, or how you don’t see yourself fitting in, you will only ever be unhappy. Instead, smile because you are different to everyone else, because you are unique and because share in a special gift that so many people will never know.
4. Most people will only accept what they can see, and will not be convinced otherwise.
5. Most people have forgotten the imagination they had as a child when we knew that anything was possible.
6. Do not hold someone’s ignorance or intolerance against them. People often feel confronted when they do not understand something, and most people are comfortable in their ignorance. You may feel they need to be ‘enlightened’, but this is a choice they must make on their own. Trying to force-feed them information or drilling into the topic constantly will make people angry. Some people simply do not want to know, so do not force them.
7. Yes, there are stereotypes in life. Get used to it. Just remember that you can change the way other people see you. You do not have to fit the mould they set. You are free to be unique.
8. If someone has an honest question, do not refrain from answering if you can. The best way to overcome fear and ignorance is through someone’s curiosity and this is often the best way to help someone else discover their Otherkin side.
9. Never be afraid to be who you truly are, but be prepared to accept that not everyone will understand you or accept you.
10. Remember that, no matter what you are inside, how you once were, are, or feel you should be, others will not see you that way. They will see the human you. If you try to convince them otherwise, they may react poorly.
11. A person of a good nature will accept you because you are a good person at heart, not because of what you may be or how you may (not) appear. Always remember this, and act accordingly.
12. By day we are forced to walk a mundane path will those who have never known anything different. At night, when we close our eyes, we are completely free to be who we are.
13. There will always be some kind of argument amongst the Otherkin community. It is large and there is always tension due to the way society views us, so people are quick to take what they see as ‘defensive’ action if they feel they are being attacked, even if that is not the case. Just remember that these arguments are between individuals, not species, races or types of Otherkin. If we break our ties within the Otherkin community, who else is there to turn to who will accept and understand us?
14. Keep an open mind when dealing with fellow Otherkin. What may seem strange, outlandish or irregular to one person may be completely normal to another. Once again, even in the Otherkin community, stereotypes still exist. Not all Unicorns are white, not all Vampyres are allergic to sunlight and not all Dragons breathe fire.
15. There will always be those who pretend to be Otherkin, or who are not entirely sure where they belong. Try to act kindly to them, because there was a time where you yourself were close to their situation. Yes, there are genuine trolls who try to infiltrate the places we converge in, people who have nothing better than to cause trouble. They should be ignored and/or reported. Just remember that there are also fledgling Otherkin who may not know who they are yet, or who just want somewhere to belong. Grilling them will only succeed in making them feel unwelcome.
16. Always try to act with common courtesy when boasting the Otherkin name. People will generalise. If they see one person masquerading as Otherkin, and see them acting badly, there is a chance they will assume we are all ass hats. If someone tries to start an argument over you being Othekin, be adult enough not to engage in name-calling and swearing. It’s common courtesy, people, and it shouldn’t just apply to us, but we’re a good place to start.
17. On the same note, don’t be afraid to hold you ground. If you have an opinion, you’re entitled to voice it, just remember that other people have them too, and they may conflict with yours. Not everyone is nice, not everyone will treat you with respect. Do not engage in petty arguments.
18. It’s likely that you see the world differently to other people. Take this into account and don’t always expect complete comprehension from others.
19. Karma’s a bitch. Apply this to all situations.
In your form, you may be the Alpha male, the King of the Hunt or the top cock in the roost, but for every person who is willing to follow your lead, there will ALWAYS be at least two more who won’t.
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Rules on being otherkin (courtesy of Leth)
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